Megalosperma plake beans

Μegalosperma plake beans from Prespes in North West Greece are white and stand out from other beans from other regions and countries because of their shape, their size, the brightness of the product and, of course, their quality.

They are thin-skinned and therefore easy to cook (50 mins boiling and 60 mins to reduce), with a special flavour due to the microclimate and soil composition of the Prespes region. They can be cooked in soup or Piaz (cold Turkish salad).
 The seeds are of local origin and are traditionally cultivated. These beans have high nutritional value and make up part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. They are full of nutrients and are a good source of protein, with no saturated fats whatsoever.

They also have starch, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and other minerals. The fibre content helps to promote healthy bowel movement and helps to lower cholesterol.

Beans are the perfect substitute for red meat.   


Genuine Greek Traditional Product

Family Tradition Since 1930


“Why are King Beans the tastiest beans in the world? We have the unique microclimate of the high Prespes region, we have the rich nutrients in the soil from the ancient lakes, and we have the love and dedication of our family tradition to cultivate beans.”

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